Cozens Ranch

From Alpenglow Magazine

Before the railroads made their way across the vast rise of the Continental Divide, snowshoes, horses and stagecoaches took the first travelers into a region of Colorado called Middle Park. The Cozens Ranch stagecoach stop was a favorite respite for those travelers who came up from the plains to do their business in the Fraser River Valley and beyond.

What was it like riding the stagecoach?”

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From Alpenglow Magazing

“If you didn’t have an athletic consciousness before you started skiing, chances are you’ll develop one.

Once most people have caught on to the joy and sophistication of rereational skiing, they learn that the can have even more fun if they improve their skills and strength. And this involves a concept called conditioning.”

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Pushing the Limits

From Powder Magazine

“At Winter Park they’ll teach anyone to ski. It is enough of a marvel that Director George Engel’s ski school manages to get fledgling Floridians sliding down the mountain on that funny white stuff theyve never even seen before, never mind mastered for maximum ambulation. But consider the wonder of teaching a cerebral palsied person who has never walked faster than a snail in molasses, whose boots take him a fumbled half- hour to buckle, who has never moved through space without intense concentration of energy, but who through the Handicap Program finds himself whizzing down the hill on that same stuff that every winter before has been his mortal enemy.”

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